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Web Presence

Building an online presence can be quiet expensive, even if you are fortunate enough to get an expert in web development. At NKBS, we know the beneficial return of having a web presence for your business and we are ready to put your business on a fast lane to success at a much-discounted price with topnotch designs. Remember the goal is to empower small and medium enterprises, and this is one of our projects in achieving so.


Career Development

NKBS recognizes the skill gap in Africa, which has greatly affected productivity at every level of institutions. Therefore NKBS partner with both local and international organizations that run internship programs on digital skills that help empower everyone to pursue lifelong learning.

Digital Agency

NKBS understands the hurdles SMEs encounter while matching up with the demands of the digital marketing world. Whether it is the financial capacity or the platform to advertise your product and services, NKBS got you covered at much-discounted rates.


The Knights

To bridge the gap among graduates, their peers, and the organizations in all sectors of the economy. NKBS creates a platform called THE KNIGHTS; it’s an online yearbook that connects graduates with their peers alongside organizations towards reaching over 1 million graduates by accessing each graduate portfolio from their respective Nigerian tertiary institutions.


Creative Hub

Do you have ideas that can set you on a path to wealth creation and empowerment but financially incapable to achieve them? NKBS is here for you. NKBS creates a pool of support not only to financially realize your revolutionary ideas but technically by engaging the manpower necessary to process the ideas into a reality.

School Management

Bring up a child in the way they should grow and when they are old, they will not depart from it. NKBS launched an initiative to partner with secondary schools in Nigeria to create an online presence that will manage the administrative arm of the school, but majorly train students whose got a flair for digital content and marketing alongside excellent academic performance on how to manage and interact with the school different online platforms created by NKBS.


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